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Meet Hałas Coffee Reasters

Specialty coffees roasted in Praga in Warsaw.


The roastery is the latest project of the creators of HAŁAS Vinyl+Coffee.

Our Head Roaster is Jakub Poręcki.

Jakub began his journey in the world of coffee in 2010 from working at café Filtry. His next stop was a coffee roastery where he was taught the trade by Konrad Oleksak. After tons of roasted beans, he decided to conquer Sweden where he worked first in Koppi as a bar manager and quality control assistant and later as head of coffee in Lilla Kafferosteriet. After a few years, he returned to Poland and started working at the Forum cafe, and then he joined Hałas, where he is to this day as a captain and head of coffee. Privately, Jakub is a creator of gastronomic concepts and a fan of Arsenal. He loves to cook, ride a bike and listen to jazz and hc punk.

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